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Tabs & Icons Consulting Limited is a Human Capital Development firm with emphasis on recruitment and Microsoft Office training. Our experience shows that many job seekers lack the basic skill in Microsoft Office usually required by employers. Applicants parade beautiful CV's with good graduating grades yet unemployable.



Our research shows that 9 out of every 10 employers prefer candidates with some level of skill in Microsoft excel and word irrespective of their career line. Employers expect some preliminary knowledge even before picking your first job, incidentally, these skills are lacking by our tertiary schools' curriculum.

This programme has been designed to assist companies and applicants overcome the preliminary difficulties associated with the hire of fresh graduates in the area of basic computer appreciation.

Accordingly, the programme has been divided into different modules:

MS - Excel, Word & PowerPoint  Foundation 30,000.00 10 Days
MS Word Foundation 15,000.00 2 Days
MS Excel Foundation 20,000.00 5 Days
MS PowerPoint Foundation 15,000.00 2 Days
MS Excel and Word Foundation 25,000.00 7 Days
MS Excel and PowerPoint Foundation 25,000.00 7 Days
MS Excel Advanced 70,000.00 3 Days
Financial Modeling Advanced 80,000.00 3 Days
Excel for HR Intermediate 60,000.00 2 Days
MS EXCEL Advanced  50,000.00 3 Saturdays
MS Excel Foundation 30,000.00 3 Saturdays
MS - Excel, Word & PowerPoint  Foundation  50,000.00 5 Saturdays

In the past few years, we have trained hundreds of staff in the banking, insurance, Telecoms, Oil and Gas as well as the public sector on Advanced Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Now we want our applicants to benefit

Tabs & Icons Academy has come to bridge the gap. In just two weeks, you will be amazed at how well grounded you become hitting the computer keys. This is not just a computer college, it is a skill gap bridging academy. You can now confidently include in your CV, the knowledge of Excel, Word and PowerPoint.


  • Proficient in the use of Ms Excel, Word and PowerPoint.
  • Free training on CV Layout, Interview Techniques and Presentation skills.
  • A good level of support when starting your career.
  • Job Placement Opportunities.
  • A mentor to talk to in the case of career challenges.
  • The opportunity to study for a professional qualification.


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To be a part of this programme contact the training us on 08106779348, 08178202020 or 08037580723