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Our Vision

To be the Lead Spreadsheet Training Consultant in Africa

Our Mission

To provide our clients with world class professional services.

Our Core Values

Our Core values are: Passion | Integrity | Innovative | Client focus



Tabs & icons consulting is a professional services delivery company specialised in Human Capital Development with emphasis on spreadsheet and financial modeling training.

Led by highly experienced team with many years of experience our hands-on courses mean that you will leave with practical experience as well as useful tips and tricks. At Tabs & icons we define productivity in terms of value creation rather than time spent.

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At Tabs & Icons Consulting, we take time to listen, review, analyse and diagnose our Clients’ problems. We deploy staff based on competency advantage to solve clients’ needs. Our core values tells it all.



Our Training Modules

In today’s world, every literate person in any work setting; from the salesman to the Operations staff, warehouse and logistic personnel, finance man and senior management team requires the knowledge of spreadsheet at one level of competence or the other. It is a fast track report generation and data integrity route. Read More

This course introduces participants to the basis of Microsoft Excel. It teaches the rudiments of data analysis using the excel spreadsheet. Introduction to advanced functions are also thought. This course is designed for those who wish to acquire the basic skills to use Excel effectively. It is also ideal for fresh graduates and corporate fresh hires, or anyone needing to learn how to use Excel for private analysis.Read More 

This course will help improve your familiarity with Excel and statistics and as a result, increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your research and analysis. It covers statistical function for solving data analysis problems in Business, education and many other areas where analytics are needed. The program is designed for researchers, Investment analysts, reporting on capital market operations, scientists, graduates and students and anyone who is interested in learning how to facilitate statistical analysis using Microsoft Excel. Read More 

This programme is created to give adequate reporting on students’ performance, basic performance trend analysis and comparative graphs to help school management take informed decisions. This program is designed for School admin and Finance Officers and school heads.Read More 

Dashboard reporting sends your message across in one excel sheet. This module is a financial analysis reporting module using both static and interactive dashboards.This program is design for Accountants, Trade finance and Credit Officers, Capital market analysts and Auditors as well as Investment bankers who prepare reports requiring comparative analysis among others. Read More 

These module looks at in-depth HR and Admin functions and reports as well as data analysis requirement. The age for sluggish HR and Admin reporting is gone. This course is beneficial to Admin Professionals, Compensation and Benefits Professionals, HR Reward and Payroll Professionals, HR Managers as well as anyone who performs HR functions in their organizations on daily basis.Read More 

Our financial modeling class teaches participants how to design and build their own models given their specific scenarios. The training acts as a proper guide to independent development of financial models. Read More 

Our financial modeling class teaches participants how to design and build their own models given their specific scenarios. The training acts as a proper guide to independent development of financial models. The basic rules and best practice principles will be thought all through the programme and the chances of errors in personal development of financial models by participants will be highly reduced. Investment bankers, trade finance experts, capital market analysts and development banks require a good knowledge of building financial models. Read More 

We run both the foundation and advanced programmes. The foundation PowerPoint module is meant for fresh and new hires. The programme teaches participants the basis of creating and working with PowerPoint presentations. It teaches the rudiments of slide presentations and animations as well as presentation slide alignment among others This training is designed for participants with little or no experience of Microsoft PowerPoint. It is recommended that participants have basic experience using the Microsoft Windows operating system. This training assumes no knowledge of PowerPoint. Read More 

Microsoft Word is a very powerful word processing application designed to save you time and for creating letters, CVs, reports and other documents. Our MS word package cover both the introductory and Advanced levels. This program will provide you the skills to edit and format documents with ease, create tables, shapes and the ability to set up pages and print documents.The foundation training is designed for participants with little or minimal experience of Word. The Advanced programme covers in-depth usage of MS word and its relationship with MS excel and other packages. Read More